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I’ve never worked with a job placement agency before, but it sounds expensive. How much is ICN going to cost me?

Good news—nothing! You won’t pay a thing throughout the whole process of working with us.

What types of positions does ICN fill?

All types! From Office Services jobs to Light Industrial jobs to Professional and Executive positions to medical, Express places many types of jobs at all levels. Available jobs will vary from ICN location to the next, so contact your ICN representative to learn about open positions.

What if I don’t like the job?

No sweat, sometimes things just aren’t a good fit. We’re here to help, and we’re always focused on helping you discover what’s next in your career. We’ll be checking in with you to see how your new job is going, and we’ll start searching for your next opportunity if the job you accept isn’t quite right.

How is working with ICN different from me job searching on my own?

Unlike the stress and time commitment of finding a job on your own, we’re there every step of the way to guide you and advocate for you. That means a real person is working to find you the perfect job with one of our clients.
Basically, we handle everything you don’t want to deal with while job searching. And once you’ve applied to a job with us, you’re in our network—meaning your résumé is accessible to our 1,000+ recruiters.

How long are the job assignments?

Assignments can last from four hours, to a few weeks or even months. Some assignments can even develop into a full-time position. We will let you know the approximate length of the assignment before you accept it to make sure your availability is a match for the job requirements.

Do I have to accept every job assignment?

It’s always your choice whether or not to accept an assignment.
Flexibility is an Express advantage. Once you accept an assignment though, we depend on you to complete.
I’m ready to apply! Now what? Reach out to us on social media, or get in touch with us here. We’re ready to help you discover #whatsnext in your career, and we can’t wait to get started.

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